Elite Athletic Development

We offer professional strength and conditioning for athletes. Our E.A.D program builds faster, bigger, and stronger athletes.  We custom build our programs specifically to the demands of the sport, and more importantly the needs of the individual athlete. Our athletes receive world class coaching everyday.  Our programs are designed to achieve a specific goal. 
Jr. E.A.D:  This group is for the youth athlete grades 1-8. 
The goals for all Jr. EAD training is to:
1.) establish athletic movement patterns 2.) improve strength 
3.) teach running mechanics 4.) develop explosiveness 
5.) improve physical fitness

 This group is for the high school, collegiate, or professional athlete. 
Our goals for all E.A.D training is to:
1.) improve sport performance 2.) improve speed and agility
3.) reduce injury 4.) build brutally strong athletes

Speed Training

Sports are acceleration. We are experts in teaching athletes to develop the movement patterns, acceleration, and maximum velocity needed to run faster on their field of play and in the testing environment.

Speed, Strength, and Conditioning
This is our complete speed, strength, and conditioning program.  Workouts will included appropriate levels of speed, agility, quickness, hypertrophy (muscle mass), explosive power, flexibility / mobility, and strength training.

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